Monday, March 23, 2015

Foodie at heart...

Well this here blog will be all about FOOD!!! Sometimes it will be about a delicious recipe I've found or a juice mixture I like or an FYI about a food that has miraculous properties, etc.

So I'll start just by saying I like DIY recipes, I don't do boxed meals, frozen meals (though I do frozen veggies), etc.   With that comes a lot of flexibility on all aspects of the meal I'm cooking. My favorite website to find new recipes on is It's great because you can put in what ingredient you want to use and it'll give you recipes accordingly. Most of the recipes include things I already have in my kitchen so it makes it easy to pick one and get started. However if you don't have what the recipe calls for it will tell you if something is on sale at a store near you and tell you which store it is.

If you love to cook and love to try new recipes and haven't tried this website you are DEFINITELY missing out. Also if you have anything to add whether it be a recipe you've tried too but do something different to please feel free to share.

Toodles!! (or should I say Noodles!! lol)

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