Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I've turned to vegetarianism!!!

Okay so as we get older it is imperative that we continuously  pay attention to our health needs and listen to what our bodies are telling us. For some it's hard to understand the signs their bodies give out. One major sign that is misinterpreted comes from all of the "crap" we consume on a daily basis. Between the processed foods, the dead animals, the "medicines" and even the "vitamins" or "supplements" we are doing more damage than we can probably imagine.

If we ate properly, how we are supposed to eat and how we are designed to eat, we wouldn't feel the need to take those "vitamins" and/or "supplements".

One of the many misconceptions of being a vegetarian is that none of the food is good. Even that you have to cut out all of your favorite snacks and treats. This is not true. Some say eating healthier foods actually allows more room for you favorite sweet treat.

We as humans are actually not designed to eat meat. Check out research and more details regarding this statement here. There are plenty other sites loaded with information on this subject, all you have to do it look. Regardless, meat doesn't provide us with the nutrients and vital minerals (vitamins) that we need to live a healthy and long life. Now you may be asking "So why is my grandpa old and healthy, he's eaten meat his whole life?" Well that's actually easier to explain that you think. Food is VERY different then it was for majority of your grandpa's life. They are now more than ever injecting meats with different toxins which actually help cancerous cells thrive in our system. If that doesn't worry you look up the "tumors" found on animal meats and how all they do is cut around it and sale you that cut around as a "delicious steak". Well if you know anything about tumors, they can easily be malignant which can metastasize or spread to the surrounding tissue and still end up on that steak that you so readily eat. And no "cooking" this meat won't kill the cells and even if that were the case most people don't thoroughly cook meat especially steak.

I'll still be posting recommended recipes except the meats will be meat substitutes (which if you are still a "meat-eater" just substitute my meat substitute for animal parts and all is well). I look forward to sharing new creations I've made with you on my new journey to healthy, clean eating.